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How-to guides

🚀  How-to guides

💡 How to implement VR training in your organization

Check the 3 key factors to prepare for implementation of VR training in your organization. 🤩

🖋  How to write a scenario

The first step to creating a good VR scenario is writing content in a story-based format. ✍️

🎥  How to film a scenario

Check our tips & tricks on pre, during and post production, to film the best VR scenarios. 🎬

🛠  How to build a VR scenario

Add scenes, upload media, link videos to scenes, test, publish and play a scenario! 👌

🌟  How to setup a scoring system

Use our scoring system to add points to answers and improve your feedback to trainees. 🤓

📈  Why and how to analyze training data

Track and analyze training performance, to deepen your trainees knowledge. 📊

💻  How to register a shared device

Make signing in and out easier for trainees. 😎

🖇  How to configure an LMS or LXP integration

Connect Warp Studio to your LMS or LXP in a few steps. 🧐

📱 How to install the Warp VR app on a device

Using Meta Quest, Pico, iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, PC or and Mac? We got you covered! 😎

🪂 How to sign in to Warp VR app

Check all the ways you can sign in to the Warp app on different devices. 🧑🏻‍💻

🧚🏼‍♀️  How to add users to Warp Studio

Invite users to Warp Studio or as a trainee to play scenarios. 🤓

🚌  How to import trainees and groups

Add multiple trainees at once to a specific group, or import multiple groups of trainees. 💪

🧰  How to setup branding for your organization

Add your company logo, brand colors and app information to the Warp VR app. 🎨