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New to Warp Studio?

Here’s everything you need to get started.

7 Articles


How-to guides

Step-by-step guides on how to use every Warp Studio feature.

10 Articles


Scenarios and courses

Create, test & publish scenarios and courses, add documents and more.

13 Articles



Learn more about scene types and features, and set up a scoring system.

9 Articles


Media and video editor

Learn how to upload, link and edit videos in Warp Studio.

7 Articles


Users and groups

Assign different user roles, set access periods and create groups.

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Shared devices

Share one device with multiple users and track their activities.

4 Articles


LMS & LXP integration

Track the progress of your trainees with a direct LMS or LXP integration with Warp Studio.

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Warp VR app

Using Meta Quest, Pico, iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac? We got you covered!

8 Articles


Sign in to the Warp VR app

Check all the ways you can sign in to the Warp app on different devices.

4 Articles


Workspace settings

Add and manage workspaces, set up branding, emails, integrations and more.

7 Articles


Subscription plans

Discover different subscription plans, upgrading & downgrading possibilities.

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