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🎯  Workshops and services

Work together with our instructional designers and media producers to create engaging VR scenarios your trainees will love. 💖

Creating high-quality immersive training content is different than creating classroom presentations or e-learning courses. Although the content can be similar, the way it’s presented requires a different approach.

To maximize the potential of VR, one should transform content into a story-based format, as if you were really there. Bringing learners into that storyline 🎭, where they have to make choices and truly experience the outcome, is where you will see a significant change in engagement and impact.

🧩 Workshops

We can assist you with our basic and advanced workshops. Afterwards you’ll understand every step of the way to create and implement VR training.

➡️ Basic workshops

There are 3 basic workshops you can choose from:

  • Introduction to story-based immersive learning
    • What is story-based immersive learning and why it works.
    • The power of emotion, researches and examples. 🧪
    • Relation with gaming and gamification, and why storytelling should be a crucial part of any learning process.
  • Introduction to VR hardware
    • We distinguish hardware required for creating and for playing immersive learning scenarios.
    • We go over the different types of 360 ̊ cameras and other filming equipment, from consumer to high-end professional cameras. 📸
    • VR headsets - Which ones are currently on the market, which one should you buy and what is yet to come.
    • Device management, safety while playing and hygiene.
  • Kickstart with Warp Studio
    • Where do you start?
    • Which scene types do you use?
    • Working with 360 ̊ video files and scenario distribution.
    • LMS integration and analytics.
    • During this workshop, you will create two scenarios, one of our suggestion and one of your choice. After a week, we’ll meet again and review them together. 👊

➡️ Advanced workshops

There are 3 advanced workshops you can choose from:

  • Writing story-based immersive scenarios
    • The skills required to write high-quality, story-based, immersive training scenarios.
    • Storytelling, presence and setting the right challenge.
    • How to write dialogues for actors, how to ask the right question and give tons of examples, both right and wrong.
  • Filming and production of immersive scenarios
    • How to actually film a training scenario with a 360 ̊ camera.
    • How to setup your gear using a consumer camera, tripod and external microphone, as well as resolution, camera settings and the equirectangular format.
    • Pre-production phase: scenario export, script breakdown and production schedule.
    • Post-production phase and how to stitch all your videos. ✂️
    • Homework - you will film a scenario yourself which we’ll review a week later.
  • Implement VR training into your business
    • How to implement and integrate VR training into your business.
    • Which devices to use, when to play on a smartphone and when to use a VR headset.
    • Scaling within the business.
    • How to create and play more scenarios.
    • How to convince management of using VR in the first place.

📆 Book the bundle

The best part is that you can combine the workshops and create a full learning journey! 🚀

Our suggestion: Combine workshops #3, #4 and #5, and get a full scenario creation bundle, that gives the skills to both write and film story-based VR training scenarios.

All workshops can be followed online via Google Meet, Zoom or any other conferencing software you prefer, with a maximum of 10 participants in order to guarantee more personal guidance.

Interested in booking one or a bundle? Contact us for questions and pricing. 👀

👁 Review session

This is an online meeting with one of our immersive and story-based scenario experts.

We will:

  • Review your scenario in Warp Studio.
  • Provide you with feedback to help you improve it.
  • If not filmed yet - give you handy tips and tricks to get it ready for filming.
  • If already filmed - review the recordings and point out things that might need changes.

🎞 Scenario development services

The process of scenario development can be divided into two phases: writing and filming. Both are available as services from our end.

➡️ Scenario writing

The scenario writing phase is done through a close co-creation with specialists at Warp VR together with the client.

In a multidisciplinary approach, a high impact scenario is written, taken into account: the learning goals, storyline, engagement criteria and filming possibilities.

➡️ Scenario filming

During filming, everything is prepared for the actual day (or days) of filming, including: hiring and preparing actors, preparing filming locations and other items required for filming.

At the actual day, we have a full crew to ensure the highest quality of 360˚ filming. Post-production includes editing, stitching and uploading all media to Warp Studio.

Luckily 🍀 we offer both scenario writing and filming in 4 packages, which can be bought separately:

  • Small scenario (~15 scenes)
  • Medium scenario (~25 scenes)
  • Large scenario (~40 scenes)
  • Extra large scenario (~60 scenes)

Interested in booking our services?

Contact us for questions or download an overview of our workshops for EMEA and USA (PDF, no email required).

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