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🧚🏼‍♀️  Add users to Warp Studio

Invite users to Warp Studio or as a trainee to play scenarios. 🤓

Before we go into detail on how to add new users to Warp Studio, let’s define the different types of users:

  • Warp Studio members - users that have access to Warp Studio and are included in activities when creating a VR scenario. Each member has different permissions in Warp Studio depending on their assigned roles.
  • Trainees - users that can only log in to the Warp VR app and play the scenarios assigned to them by Warp Studio members, but don’t have any access to Warp Studio.

😎  Add Warp Studio members

To add a Warp Studio member:

  • Navigate to Trainees or your Account settings, and click the Add user button in the top right.
  • Fill in the email address of the new user, click Next and enter the right credentials.
  • Select the user role under Select role.
  • You can also fill in a unique employee number if you wish this user to sign in with their employee number instead of an email address.
  • The added user will receive an email to finish the sign up process and activate their account.
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🤓  Add trainees

You can add an unlimited amount of trainees to your account. Trainees can log in to the Warp VR app with a six digit code or magic link, which they receive by email. Learn more about giving access to your scenarios! 🔐

To add a trainee is no different than adding a Warp Studio member, with the only difference being the assigned role. Therefore:

  • Navigate to the Trainees page and click the Add user button in the top right.
  • Fill in the email address and select the Next button.
  • Fill in the First name and Last name, optionally add a unique Employee no. and assign the Trainee role. ✅

Trainees will receive an email ONLY when they’re invited to access a scenario.

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If you want to give trainees access to scenarios via Warp Studio, you’ll need to create a Group that will be assigned to your trainees. Check all group settings for more details.

For LMS and LXP access to scenarios, check this article.

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Information on existing trainees can be easily changed by hovering your mouse cursor over them in the Trainees tab and clicking the ✏️ Edit icon.

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➡️  Learn how to import multiple trainees or multiple groups at once. ➡️  Learn how to limit the access period to a scenario.

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