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🧰  How to setup branding for your organization

Add your company logo, brand colors and app information to the Warp VR app. 🎨

To set up your company logo, brand colors and app information:

  • Click on your profile image in the top right corner of your Warp account.
  • Click on Organization settings and select Branding.
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💠  Company logo

You can upload 2 types of logos:

  • A logo used in the Android/iOS mobile app 📱, shown on top of scenarios within the scenario overview page.
  • A logo used in VR headset, visible as a circle beneath the standing point 👣 in a VR scenario.
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ℹ️  App information

Add the following info:

  • Title of your account shown in the mobile app and all other communication (not to be confused with an account name).
  • Description of your account's training center, shown in the settings of the mobile app.

🎨  Colors

You can customize two types of colors to fit your company's branding guidelines:

  • Primary color: applied to certain buttons in your training center menu, as well as the buttons in VR scenarios (orange in the examples below).
  • Secondary color: applied to certain warning messages and the results stars at the end of a scenario (light green in the examples below).
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