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💰 Subscription plans

Discover different subscription plans, crafted for any industry and use case. 💸

To be able to use Warp Studio and create immersive scenarios, you will need a subscription to one of our plans, based on the number of published scenario slots and workspaces. All plans include unlimited trainees and views, as well as 1 workspace. ✅

A subscription consists of a plan and a billing period. ⬇️

Subscription plans:

  • Grow plan: Start plan + 2 more published scenario slots and courses feature.
  • Scale plan: Grow plan + SSO & SCIM for enterprise companies.

For more details on the pricing, please visit our pricing website page.

Billing period:

  • Monthly - pay month per month.
  • Annually - pay for a year upfront and get 10% discount.

Interested in more?

➡️ Learn whether and how you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. ➡️ Learn more about adding and managing multiple workspaces.

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