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⛓  Flow editor

Build scenarios visually with an easy-to-use flow editor. 🎨

After creating a scenario, you can setup the order in which the scenario will flow. The editor makes it easy to connect scenes into a flow diagram with one starting point and one or more ending points. 🪢

To access the Flow editor for a certain scenario, navigate to the Scenarios tab in the top left and open the scenario.

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🧭 Navigation

Within the Flow editor, you can navigate in different ways:

  • Windows 🪟: hold down the spacebar on your keyboard, click and drag using your mouse to navigate left, right, up or down.
  • Mac 🍎: scroll with two fingers to navigate left, right, up or down.

In the top right of the canvas, there are several buttons that can help you navigate:

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  1. Zoom in and out
  1. Flip all scenes
  1. Return to the start scene
  1. Search for scenes by their title or number

↪️  Move scenes

After adding scenes, click and drag a scene to move it across the canvas. Click it once to flip it and see all details about the scene.

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