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🎪  Create and share a course

Multiple scenarios can be bundled into courses and shared with your trainees. 🤯 

Courses can be used to combine scenarios based on:

  • Categories, for example: customer service or onboarding.
  • Departments, for example: sales or handling customer complaints.

🪄  Create a course

There are 3 easy steps:

  • Navigate to the Courses tab on the Scenarios page.
  • Click the red New Course button located in the top right.
  • Fill in the Course title, Course description and add the published Scenarios you want to include.
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🔐  Share your course

To learn more about sharing your courses with trainees, see how trainees can get access to scenarios. 👀

Once you add your first course to a group, the users in that group will see an extra tab in the Warp VR app called Courses.

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Interested in more?

➡️  Learn how to add different users to Warp. ➡️  Check the different user roles.

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