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🎮  How to play a VR scenario

Offer trainees multiple ways to play your scenarios, from VR headsets to mobile phones. 📱

📱 Install the Warp VR app

Currently, we support playing scenarios to all major mobile VR platforms, with apps for mobile phones, tablets VR headsets and computers. No VR headset? No problem! You can play your scenarios in 2D mode on any smartphone. 😉

Find your device below and click for instructions on how to the install the Warp VR app:

🔢 Sign in

Once the app is installed, sign in:

  • By email for smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops.

💃🏻 Play, replay, quit

Once you’re in the Warp VR app, choose your training scenario, select normal or high video quality by preference, and click on Download scenario to download it to your device. After the scenario is downloaded, click on Start scenario. 🍿

⚠️  When starting a scenario on a mobile, you can choose to play in VR mode (with a headset) or 2D mode (without headset), whereas on PC, Mac and tablet, it is always in 2D mode.

To select elements and navigate:

  • On a VR headset, you can select elements by using the controllers of your VR headset or just by looking at these elements.
  • On a tablet or mobile, you can navigate by moving your phone or by swiping the video with your finger. Also, select elements by clicking them on the screen.
  • On a mobile, you can also navigate by using the Gaze option.
  • On a browser, you can navigate by clicking and dragging the screen around, as well as select elements, with your mouse.

🔁  For mobile: To replay a scene, click on the round arrow at the bottom of the screen. To replay the entire scenario, close the scenario and click on Play again in the next screen.

🔁  For VR: To replay a scene or a scenario ➡️ look down, open the menu that pops-up and select your preference.

📲  When playing on a mobile or tablet, to play scenarios on another device, click on a scenario and select the Play on another device button at the bottom of the screen.

🛑  To quit a training, click on the X symbol located at the top of your screen.

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