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🌐 Play on your browser

Access the Warp VR app directly on your browser and play immersive scenarios! 😎

Although playing scenarios in VR headsets is the most immersive experience, managing a lot of VR headsets for a bigger number of trainees can be a challenge, as well as time consuming.

For better scalability, our web player is available directly on your trainees browser! 😎

➡️ The web player is available on

➡️ The web player is supported only for laptops and desktop PCs.

➡️ The browsers that currently support our web player are: Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

To play scenarios, make sure that your trainees are assigned or invited to the proper scenario before opening the web player in their browser.

Once opened, they will need to enter a 6-digit code that can either be:

  • Generated from the Warp VR app on their phone/tablet, or
  • Sent to their email address, like in the example below.
Notion image

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