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🚎  Import groups

Use the Import tool to add multiple groups at once. 💪

🚁  Import groups

  • Navigate to the Trainees tab, then click on Groups and select the Add group button in the top right.
  • Click Import many groups to open the import form.
Notion image
Notion image

📋  TSV or TXT file

You will need a spreadsheet program (like Excel or Google Sheets) to create a tab-separated file with all the groups you would like to import. Make sure that the first row in that file includes the following column names: ⬇️

  • Name: required
  • StartDate: optional, use yyyy-mm-dd format
  • EndDate: optional, use yyyy-mm-dd format

Enter the data of your groups from row 2 and below. Click here for an example sheet

When you have your file ready, save it as a tab-separated values file. In Google Spreadsheets this will be saved as a TSV file. In Excel this will be saved as a TXT file.

Upload your file, click Import and wait until all groups have been imported. ✅


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