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🏢  Group settings

Create a group and give your trainees access to play scenarios. 🧐

To give trainees access to play scenarios, you will need to create a group that will be assigned to both the scenarios and your trainees. ✅

You can form groups of trainees according to their level / job title in your organization, or according to your usual training groups. You can create a group before or after adding trainees to Warp Studio.

⚠️  This doesn't include trainees coming from an LMS.

🏡  Add a new group

  • Navigate to the Trainees tab and select Groups.
  • Click on the Add group button to add a new group.
  • Fill in a group name and select which scenarios and/or courses the trainees in that group should have access to. Only published scenarios can be selected. ✅
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🤓  Add trainees to a group

Adding trainees to a group can be done in various ways:

  • Add one or more existing trainees
  • Add a new trainee manually
  • Change group of trainees

➡️  Add existing trainees to a group

If you have existing trainees in Warp Studio, click the checkbox ✅ before their name and select as many trainees as you wish. Click the three dots 🚥 button at the bottom of the screen and add or remove these trainees to a group.

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➡️  Add new trainees to a group

A group can be directly assigned when adding a new trainee for access to playing scenarios. Once you hit the Add trainee button and assign their role, below you can select the group they should have access to.

➡️  Change group of trainees

If you wish to change the group a trainee is assigned to, select the three dots 🚥 next to the trainee’s name and click on Edit trainee, where you can change which groups they should be a member of.

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❌  Edit or delete a group

Groups can be edited or deleted. Hover over the 3 dots button 🚥 and select what you prefer. Access to scenarios, as well as the group name can be changed.

If you delete a group, no worries, trainees won’t be deleted as well.

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