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🌟  Scoring system

Use our scoring system to add points to answers and improve your feedback to trainees. 🤓

🧮 Choose your scoring system

You can choose from the following scoring systems:

  • Subtract points ➡️ start with 5 stars and subtract points for each wrong answer.
  • Add points ➡️ start with 1 star and give points for each right answer.
  • No points ➡️ the scoring system is disabled, no stars will be used.

You can decide how many points equal the amount of stars. For example, we choose Subtract points and set 1 point = 1 star. When a trainee starts the scenario, they start with 5 stars. For every wrong answer they earn 1 point, which means 1 star will be subtracted. These stars will be displayed to trainees after they reached an ending scene.

Select the scoring system by navigating to Settings ➡️ Scoring ➡️ Change.

Notion image
Notion image

🤔  How points works

Points are given for wrong or right answers, depending on the scoring system. You can choose 0, 1 or 2 points, or decide a custom score:

  • When Subtract points is set, 2 points will be shown as a red line.
  • When Add points is set, 2 points will show as a green line.
  • Answers that score 1 point are always yellow.
  • Custom scores are always shown as blue lines.

Subtract points system example:

Notion image

Add points system example:

Notion image

Interested in more?

➡️  Check all the training analytics available. ➡️  Tracking trainee analytics is possible via LMS integration as well.

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