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⚙️  Scenario settings

Edit, duplicate, unpublish, stop testing or delete a scenario. 🛠

Click the 3-dots menu of a scenario and select from the following settings:

  • Edit - when you’d like to make changes in the scenario: title, description or cover image.
  • Duplicate - when you’d like to speed up the scenario creation.
  • Unpublish - when you’d like to make the scenario unavailable to trainees.
  • Stop testing - when you’d like to stop the testing phase of a scenario.
  • Delete - when you’d like to completely remove a scenario.

⚠️  You can only delete scenarios that are not in a Test or Published status.

Notion image

You can duplicate or delete multiple scenarios at the same time by selecting the checkbox next to the scenario title. ✅ 

Afterwards, click the Duplicate or Delete icon from the pop up on the bottom of the screen.

Notion image

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