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⚠️  I started the training in 2D, but I can’t look around when I move the phone. What should I do?

You can look around by swiping your finger left & right and up & down on your screen. ✅

⚠️  I started the training in VR, but the screen seems to be stuck. What should I do?

It could be that your phone is not VR compatible. What you can do is go back to the menu by pressing the back button in the top left corner. Then open the scenario again in 2D mode. ✅

⚠️  I cannot clearly read texts when playing on my phone in VR mode and/or the video looks blurry. What should I do?

VR glasses in combination with a smartphone might not always be compatible.

There is a way to improve the match using the following instructions:

You can also use the following website to try different cardboard settings:

Another factor that can play a role is your own inter-pupillary distance (how far your eyes are apart). For more information read this article: If your IPD is not suitable for your current VR glasses, we recommend to use another model that is suitable.

Your eyesight can also influence the clarity of your experience. You can be nearsighted, farsighted or presbyopic. All these conditions can influence how you perceive VR. We recommend when you are nearsighted to keep your glasses on. 🤓

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