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🥽  Meta Quest headsets

Install the Warp VR app on the following Meta (formerly Oculus) headsets: Quest 1, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. ⚡️

👓  Install the Warp VR app on your VR headset

Installing the Warp VR app on the Quest is easy:

  • Take your Quest headset and navigate to the Store. 🏪
  • Search for Warp VR (⚠️ please make sure to write the full name, not only Warp).
  • Scroll down to App Lab and click View app.
  • Click on the Warp VR app.
  • Click OK when a pop-up opens, mentioning Available Through App Lab.
  • Click Install. ✅

🌐  Install the Warp VR app online or via the Oculus app on your smartphone

You can also install the app via the Oculus website or via the Oculus app on your smartphone:

  • Sign in when required.
  • Click OK when a popup opens mentioning Available Through App Lab.
  • Click Install.
  • The Warp VR app can now be found on your home screen in the Quest. Open the app, sign in and you are ready to go. ✅

💼  Install the Warp VR app on an Oculus for Business headset

In case you have purchased a Quest 2 through the Oculus For Business program, installation of the Warp VR app is a little different:

  • Visit the Device Manager, click on Apps and select Add App.
  • Click Create. The Warp VR app should now appear in the App Library and ready to be installed on all devices.

ℹ️  For more information, visit the Oculus Support website.

🔄  Sideloading on Oculus

Sideloading allows you to install the app from an APK file. For example, if you’re using an MDM that’s not ArborXR (where our app is directly managed by us via your organization slug), you can use the APK file to install the app.

👉  In general, we recommend this procedure only to expert users who know what they are doing and to users that have a real need to install the app this way. For most users, the best approach is to always install the app from the Oculus store, where we always provide the latest available version.


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