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🛠  Register a shared device

Make signing in and out easier for trainees. 😎

If you register a shared device to Warp Studio, you get the following additional settings for the Warp VR app:

  • Set the sign-in mode to trainee, group or anonymous.
  • Hide the Delete download button, to prevent trainees deleting a scenario.
  • In group sign-in mode, sign out trainees when a device goes to sleep (only for VR headsets).

💡  How to register a shared device

Within the Trainees tab:

  • Navigate to Shared devices.
  • Click the Add new shared device button in the right corner of the screen.
  • Generate a 6 digit-code and pick up your device.
  • Click Sign in by 6-digit code on your device, enter the code and click Sign in.
Notion image
Notion image
  • Once done, a pop-up on your device will state that you should go back to Warp Studio and finish the process.
  • In Warp Studio, you will see a message New [brand name] device connected. Fill in a device name and click Confirm.
  • You can see the shared device settings in the Warp VR app under Settings.
Notion image

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