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🎞  Create a scenario

Scenarios can be created in a few easy steps. 👣

📍 Add a scenario

  • Open Warp Studio.
  • Navigate to the Scenarios tab in the top left corner.
  • Click the Add scenario button in the top right.
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🖼 Scenario details

Setup the basic details about your scenario by entering:

  • Title.
  • Scenario description.
  • Cover image.

These are visible in the Warp VR app to all trainees invited for the scenario.

Therefore, we recommend to use a title and cover image that are connected to what the training is about, as well as to inform trainees in the description field the purpose of the training 🏋️‍♂️ in more detail.

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🏗 Start building

Click Confirm to create your scenario. This will open the Flow editor where you can start building your scenario by adding scenes.

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Interested in more?

➡️  Learn how to add scenes to a scenario. ➡️  Learn how to set up and export filming locations for easier guidance while filming a scenario.

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