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⚙️  Video settings

Edit, duplicate, and delete videos. 🛠

Last updated on May 12, 2022

📝  Edit video title

When in the Media tab, click on the video to open it and then on the title to change it.

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👥  Copy video to other scenario

Click the three dots on the video file and select Copy file to. A new popup window will appear where you can select the scenario it is copied to.

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❌  Delete video

Click the three dots on the video file and select Delete file. You’ll be asked to confirm this action in a new window.

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🔢  Copy or delete multiple videos

To copy or delete multiple videos to another scenario, select the checkboxes of the videos. ✅ After you selected all the files, click the three dots on the bottom of the screen and select either Copy files to.. or Delete files.

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⬇️  Download original video

To download the original video you uploaded to Warp Studio, open the video in the Media tab, click the three dots and then Download original file.

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