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 ☄️ Advanced LMS & LXP integrations

Improve LMS & LXP integrations with the Warp API and build a custom integration. 🤓

In some cases, your LMS or LXP can only be reached on desktop, while the training needs to be played on a VR headset or smartphone. This can cause friction for trainees, because they need to follow this process each time.

Building custom integrations with the Warp VR API smoothens this process for learners, because the API automations talk directly to Warp Studio using a programming language of your choice. This way, access management and data transfers happen automatically in the background.

🤓  Example use cases

  • If it is important that the trainee is able to sign in to the application and play scenarios by themselves, a custom integration may be the solution.
  • It allows trainees to play scenarios offline, however an internet connection will still be required to sign in, download scenarios and analyze training attempts.
  • Instructors will not need access to Warp Studio because trainee access management can be handled completely in the LMS or LXP.

😎  Warp API

The following operations are currently supported in the Warp API. The exact implementation of custom integrations depends on the capabilities of your LMS or LXP.

  • Enable trainees to log in and see all scenarios and courses they have access to (whereas through SCORM or LTI trainees need to enter a 6 digit-code for every scenario they want to play).
  • Get an overview of all published scenarios and courses in your LMS or LXP.
  • Create or remove trainees and groups in your LMS or LXP.
  • Manage access to scenarios or courses in your LMS or LXP.
  • Use the emails sent from Warp Studio.
  • Show a 6-digit code to log in to your trainees in the LMS or LXP (to bypass our launcher).
  • Retrieve all training analytics in your LMS or LXP.

🆔  Data protection

A custom integration with the Warp API does not provide additional data protection. For the integration to work, we need to collect and store the following data for each trainee:

  • ID.
  • Email (optional, but recommended).
  • Name (optional).
  • Attempts and choices made in training scenarios.

➡️  How to get started?

In order to get started with the API, please contact us 👀 to enable this feature in your organization.

Afterwards, you can create an API key. This is done by adding the Warp API integration when navigating to Organization settings > Integrations. This key should be kept secret. 🤫 In case a key has been comprised, you should delete the integration and create a new one to disable the old key.

Please refer to our RAML specification of the API. This specification can be loaded into various tools and libraries.

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