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🧑🏻‍💻  Help trainees sign in

In case a trainee is not able to sign in and play a scenario, you can help them out. 😎

It can happen that a trainee has difficulties to sign in the Warp VR app, but there’s an wasy way to help them out.

  • When in Warp Studio, navigate to the Trainees page in the top left menu and click on the Trainees tab as well.
  • Locate the trainee, click on the three dots next to the trainee’s name and select Help trainee to sign in Warp VR app.
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  • In the pop-up, either generate a 6-digit code and share it with your trainee to sign in, or send them a sign-in instructions mail which will lead them through the process. ℹ️  We recommend generating the 6-digit code only for local sessions, meaning if you’re both physically present near each other. If remote, we recommend sending them the email.
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