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✨ Integrate with SCORM 1.2

With SCORM trainees can launch scenarios from your LMS, play on any device, and return to the LMS. 😎

If you've successfully configured an integration, you can add training scenarios to your LMS. To get started, you need to download a SCORM package from Warp Studio first and upload it to your LMS.

⬇️  Download the SCORM package

  • Navigate to the Trainees tab, and select Integrations. Here you will find the LMS integrations that are configured for your organization.
  • After selecting a SCORM integration, you will see a list of all published scenarios.
  • Select Download package 🎁 to download the SCORM package of a specific scenario.
  • Upload the package to your LMS.
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⚠️  With SCORM, trainees need to go back to the launcher to make sure their scores are sent to the LMS.

The exact setup may be different for your LMS. Please contact us in case you need help via the chat option at the bottom of the page.


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