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💥 Integrate with LTI 1.1

With LTI trainees can launch scenarios from your LMS, play on any device, and return to the LMS. 😎

If you've successfully configured an integration, you can add training scenarios to your LMS. To get started, you need to retrieve LTI 1.1 credentials from Warp Studio and configure your LMS.

1️⃣  Get LTI credentials from Warp Studio

  • Navigate to the Trainees page, and select Integrations. Here you’ll find the LMS integrations that are configured for your organization.
  • Select an LTI integration. Here you’ll find the General LTI 1.1 credentials and the scenario specific urls of all published scenarios.

The following information is needed: ⬇️

  1. Consumer key
  1. Shared secret
  1. Scenario specific URL
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2️⃣  Configure your LMS

Because the key and secret are the same for each scenario, most LMS systems allow you to configure an LTI Tool Provider.

With the tool configured, VR scenarios can be added to a course with just the unique URL.


The exact setup may be different for your LMS. Please contact us in case you need help via the chat option at the bottom of the page.


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